Tilly's Tavern

Tilly’s Tavern is located on Washington St. in Butte des Morts.

Tillys Tavern

The first building at this location was a hotel built by Thomas Petford. The Petford Hotel was a popular stopover place for stagecoaches in the area. It was later called the Butte des Morts Inn and run by Petford's granddaughter Marjorie Petford.

Frank and Viola "Ma" Tilly later took over the hotel and opened Tilly's Tavern. Eventually their daughter and and son-in-law Alice and Frank Kachur operated Tilly's Tavern. It is the only bar on Lake Butte des Morts between Oshkosh and Winneconne and has a pier for docking boats. It is now called Tilly’s Too and is owned by Tom and Cindy Herbert.

The Butte des Morts Historical Preservation Society was started in 2014 by Joe and Patti Yana from Butte des Morts, and Randy Domer from Oshkosh.

Our mission is to collect, preserve, and disseminate materials and information relating to the rich history of Butte des Morts, Wisconsin, which began in 1818 as a fur trading post founded by Augustin Grignon.

Butte des Morts Historical Preservation Society

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